Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Exam 3: Done.

Subject: Civil Procedure I.

First impression: I think I did this once already, and it was called the LSAT. Damn I hate multiple choice tests.

Distinguishing feature of fact pattern: Corruption in Russia? How far-fetched!

Next move: Okay, three down. Now I'm sick, underslept, woefully unprepared from Crim, and wishing with all my little heart that Thursday come sooner. Or, in other words, "wah wah wah!"


Treyer said...

You know we had the same essay question? Weird. That means one of our profs got lazy and didn't want to write their own prompt. Slackers!

sai said...

We did?!? Weird. You'd think professors, being that their job is to teach and test us, would have enough time to write an essay question of their own...