Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next baking project

I should say first baking project: I don't have a kitchenaid mixer and I've been scared to try mixing any sort of dough by hand or food processor. But this--homemade pop tarts, people!--sounds too good to pass up.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First CrossFit workout in... ages

Did a mini version of the DL-burpee workout today and I was DYING.

3 rounds, for time:
5 x deadlift @ 55lbs
10 x burpee

Time: 4:43.62.

I get to run a 5K on Friday! Well, I should say "walk/run" or "walk/jog" or just "jog"--or hey, just "walk!"--depending on my wuss-level that day. Will keep you posted.

Yay for increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains!

Whooooooo are you. Who who. Who who.

It's been a while since we had one of these. Beloved readers of That's Relevant, praytell me this: who are you?

[You can consider this an "open thread" if you want. Dying to hear me wax melodic about, say, grasshoppers? Demand it below.]

Monday, April 26, 2010

Eggs, salad, and sourdough

A simple and delicious dinner.
Eggs scrambled with salt & pepper.
Salad with romaine, "spring mix," endive, celery, and tomato with goat cheese and vinaigrette.
Slice of bakery sourdough to sop up the dressing.

Now that's a happy belly.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Section 12 for life

Congrats to everyone at GW Law finishing up this week! I love you guys (especially YOU, Section 12!). You worked hard, you did good, and now you are mother. fucking. DONE.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I do not respond well

I somehow got subscribed (without my consent, btw) to a listserv that sent out emails about Iran. Of course, more than half these emails are in Farsi, a language I cannot read. So, I ask to unsubscribe. The response I got was priceless. And, jeez, so freaking Persian.
Regretfully you have just left a list that passionately cares for Iran, and prosperity of Iranians. You just turned your back to Iran and oppressed people of Iran, in their struggle to re-gain their FREEDOM.
I think it'd be more effective if they laid on the guilt a little thicker. "You have just personally killed four political prisoners. If you don't rejoin our list right away, their dead bodies will be mutilated and their corpses hung above their families' doors, and it will be all your fault. I hope you're happy now."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last last last last last

Yes, indeed, the last term of law school. I sort of can't believe this thing has been around for 3 years, any more than I can believe I have been around for 3 years. Saisai, esquire. Got a nice ring to it.

I became kinda a little obsessed with financial systems and the market meltdown last term. No, not "obsessed," more like intensely interested. It's so tricky! And so many smart people function within the beast, anyone on the outside is almost certainly outmatched. I like the challenge, I guess.

What's on tap for my (say it with me) LAST set of law school classes ever?

Antitrust. A famous class at otherwise-business-unfriendly SLS. Great prof, and--as I learned last summer--actually pretty interesting work. Which is why I'm taking this even though it conflicts with really everything else on the planet.

Legal studies. Basically just paper-writing, a directed research/paper workshop hybrid. Not much to say, except I hope I can find people who want to talk to me. Otherwise my paper will be kinda short.

Democratization of credit. I just sat in on this today and was blown away. Very small class, fantastic non-lawyerly teacher (that's very important), and interesting subject matter. We'll do everything from FICO scores to car loan agreements to subprime mortgage securitization. Neato!

Corporate governance. I told you I was intensely interested! This'll cover a bunch of discrete topics, like state competition, criminal liability, and the labor market for directors and managers. I have a theory about corporate governance I'm starting to explore. More on that later, when there's more to share.

So, that's it. I'm one research paper and eleven credits away from J-freaking-D. Well, that and a bar exam. But that's waaaay far off, right?