Monday, May 5, 2008

Hair: Who Needs It?

Not me! On Sunday I went to a salon on 16th and U and lopped off a good 12" of my hair. It's sitting in a bag in my purse waiting for me to send it to Locks of Love. It was going to waste on my head anyway. Better that someone who needs it gets it.

Before the big snip:

And after:
You know, my hair and I went through a lot together. It hasn't been this short since I got lice (all together now: eww) in 7th grade. We went to High School #1 together, transferred to High School #2 together, moved to New York City for college together, suffered through bitter winters and biomedical engineering together, got our first job and worked like dogs together, quit and went traveling and started law school and finished first year together. And now it's gone. You might be thinking boo hoo, but I feel more like hip hip hooray.


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Kimberly said...

awww! you are the cutest sai!
and of course you look so beautiful!

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