Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've avoided blogging about the layoffs in BigLaw because I'm not ATL, but today has been just insane and deserves some attention.

So far today 828 attorneys and staff have been laid off from firms big and important enough to garner Above the Law attention. That's eight hundred and twenty eight people just today. One firm, Luce Forward, even rescinded the offers it had made to people graduating in 2010. What those people will do for gainful employment in this economy, who knows.

Reactions are as expected:
Dear Jesus: Thank you for this box of documents I am about to review. Amen.

If you know a lawyer who was laid off today, buy the poor soul a drink, would you?


LS Part-timer said...

One of my friends in NYC was part of the "carnage" yesterday. She e-mailed me this morning. Since I don't live near her, I'm trying to help out in other ways.

saisai said...

It's so sad! NYC is a different town these days for young professionals, or so I've heard.