Saturday, September 19, 2009

Help me plan a vacation

Hello my four readers,

I'm gathering ideas. Thinking about going somewhere special for Thanksgiving week (weekend before to weekend after, roughly). Leaning toward Europe, but that seems to be a bit pricey. Can't seem to find a good deal. Any of you been traveling lately? How'd you find your flights and hotels? Did you splurge or go budget? Is there a specific website you'd recommend? Help a girl out, yo!

Love you dearly,

UPDATE: We decided on the Florida Keys. Snorkeling, fishing, and Ernest Hemingway, here we come!


Andi said...

You should go to Iceland! Adam served a mission there for our church, and we went back a few years ago for vacation. It is absolutely beautiful- there is nowhere else on earth like it. I fell in love with it. It's a very exotic vacation destination, with plenty to do.

There has never been a better time to go because the economy is so bad there and everything is a lot cheaper than usual. We stayed in hostels instead of hotels, which saved us a lot of money. In fact, we're thinking of going back while the prices are still good.

Just an idea...

Caroline said...

I hear Hawaii is pretty easy to get to from here...much easier than from the East Coast (obviously closer from here). :)

saisai said...

thanks andi! do you think it's worth going to iceland when it's frigid?

Andi said...

Definitely, as long as you pack for the weather. It's pretty much cold there year round. We went in August and it was snowing when we got off the plane.

Let us know if you want more info. Adam lived there for 2 years and he knows the island well!

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Well of course Nav and I would have to say Central America! It's beautiful and definitely possible for a budget-traveler. Guatemala's hard if you don't know Spanish, but Costa Rica's got enough tourism that you can get around with just English. Rainforests, beaches, zip lines, jungles - it's got it all!

navah said...

Following up on Insanity Gal's comment, Central America is great. The only drawback is that the more English that is spoken, the higher the price. So Guatemala or Honduras or Nicoragua will be cheap, while Belize and Costa Rica will be more expensive. But, if you can find a cheap flight, you can find reasonably hostel/hotels in Guatemala for about $15-$20 a night, while Costa Rica was more like $30-$45 a night.

I would also HIGHLY recommend Brazil, if you can find a cheap flight. It's amazing, and the north of Brazil is pretty cheap. Generally if you don't want to spend a lot on airfare or on hotels/hostels when you get somewhere, you're probably best off staying in North/South America. A good place to check out deals is STA's website--they usually have a page where they show lots of travel deals on one page. Good luck!