Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Superbowl ad that made me weepy

There had to be one--and here it is.

As Slate's Ad Report Card put it, I'm sick of Google doing everything right.


saisai said...

i dunno wtf is wrong with the video dimensions, but this is the best i can do.

navah said...

I liked this one a lot too, and felt sort of cheesy about it. was it me, or were the ads not as good this year in general? i found myself thinking that the ads were either misogynist or boring.
(PS I tried posting this right after the super bowl and it wouldn't work...)

saisai said...

the ads this year... sigh. i liked a couple of them (the autotune one with t-pain was neat), but the one with the guys' faces doing the monotone monologue thing--a car ad, i think--was really sort of disturbing. then again, i did watch the game surrounded by politically-aware women; i wonder what it would've been like in a bar?