Monday, November 19, 2007

Barry Bonds hullaballoo explained

So Barry Bonds got indicted. For something. Having to do with steroids.

That was the state of my understanding about the whole fiasco... until I read this pretty hilarious post that cleared things up. For results-oriented folks like me, here's the final answer:

Count one: Perjury. Barry Bonds knowingly took steroids and lied about it.
Count two: Perjury. Barry Bonds received injectable drugs from a BALCO associate, and lied about it.
Count three: Perjury. Barry Bonds knowingly took HGH, and lied about it.
Count four: Perjury. Bonds received various other illegal substances from BALCO and Greg Anderson before 2003, and lied about it.
Count five: Obstruction of justice. All of Bonds’ lies in the grand jury testimony were an intentional effort to impede the administration of justice.

How serious are these allegations?
Each of the counts of perjury carries a maximum of 5 years, and the obstruction of justice carries a maximum of 10 years, so it’s possible that Bonds could go to prison for 30 years.

Will he?
Of course not. Each of the charges also says that Bonds could be fined, or imprisoned, or both. There is a chance that Bonds will be found guilty (or plead guilty) to all of the charges and get off with a $25,000 fine: chump change to Barry Lamar Bonds, Inc.

Wait, if they can prove that Bonds lied about doing all these illegal things, that means that they can charge him with taking steroids, right?!
Wrong. Bonds received immunity from all charges except those related to perjury and his false testimony, so the charges against him will end here.

Check out the post for more details. And Barry Bonds Watch continues...

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