Saturday, November 3, 2007

Top 10 Law Blogs

Apparently the 2007 Weblog Awards have a category for Best Law Blog. (Who knew? Obviously I'm still new to this.) If you care, you can see the list and vote here. I figured I'd reproduce it in this space for my own and others' reference. I haven't looked at all of them, but so far I think I like the WSJ law blog the best. Volokh is #1 in the voting by a clear margin so far.

1. Volokh Conspiracy
2. Above the Law
3. SCOTUS Blog
4. Balkinization
5. How Appealing
6. Ms. JD
7. WSJ Law Blog
8. Sui Generis
9. Simple Justice
10. Likelihood of Confusion

I must have missed the deadline, but next year I'm sure my legions of fans will be voting me into the Top 10... Right.

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