Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogonomic Downturn

If you've noticed that my blogging has dropped off, you are both perceptive and correct. Life has become very hectic in the past few weeks, what with a big brief due, and then an oral argument to prepare, and the Fella's birthday, and the Mom's visit, and the Moot Court competition, and the outlining, and the finals rapidly (eek!) approaching. More importantly, I'm doing my damndest to maintain the GW blog (Sua Sponte) because we've been getting lots of hits and I don't want to disappoint the expectant masses. And finally, since I basically have no life, nothing interesting ever happens to warrant a post of the quality that I demand for this blog. (Quality? Hahaha!)

The bottom line: posts here will be a rarity until the Final Exam updates begin in a couple of weeks. But don't cry. There's always Lolcats to keep you company. I can haz super-smart twin sister to sit for my exams for me? If only.

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