Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New (To Me): Too Much Rod Benson

In just the most recent instance of the Big Fella raising my street cred, I was introduced today to Rod Benson, his blog, and the Boom Tho movement. Seriously, how did I live without this man until now? (Rod Benson, I mean, not the Big Fella.) If you know who he is already, you're probably having fun mocking me for my late arrival. If you don't, here is his appearance on E:60, which is all the introduction you need. (I'll save my enthusiasm for Bill Simmons for a later post.) And, since it's not like you have finals to study for or anything, you can check out his personal blog, Too Much Rod Benson, and his posts on the Yahoo blog Ball Don't Lie.

Anyway, Rod, welcome to the That's Relevant link list. Keep fighting the good fight, buddy! And if you ever have trouble getting a Boom Tho girl, look no further than this humble blog. What I lack in Boom quantity, I make up for in quality.

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