Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amtrak regional to Boston

Observations from my eight hour train ride:
  • Standing in line at Union Station is a sucker bet. It's always better to slide in through the side once boarding starts.
  • Train seats are significantly cushier than plane seats. My legs haven't fallen asleep once.
  • New York City is really pretty from far away. Going north, sit on the left side of the train.
  • Amtrak coffee isn't bad.
  • During a brief stop, the conductor announced: "We're waiting for the fancy-pants Acela to pass us on the right..."
  • The track in Connecticut sucks. So do the roads there in the winter. Sand on snow isn't a good idea, folks. Do us a solid and just pay for the salt, okay?
  • If the train had wifi, I'd never fly again.

3 comments: said...

what's on the left going north?

sai said...

The city skyline, in all its glory. said...

sometimes I wonder how I got into law school.