Sunday, August 31, 2008

Took the words right out of my mouth!

At one of my interviews so far, I've gotten this question: "What do you want us to know about you that's not on your resume?" I mumbled something borderline incoherent about my "journey to law school" and certainly don't expect to receive any sort of call-back. [UPDATE: I totally called that one: no dice. And good riddance!] I thought it was a silly question, and a new contributer at Nuts & Boalts said it well enough that I'm just going to quote him instead of writing something myself.

"What is the one thing you want us to know that is not on your resume?"

A lot of firms asked me this, even some I really love, so I don't mean to make fun of them. But this question is pretty ridiculous. I put everything I want you to know on the resume. That's what it's for. Anything I say in response to this question is, therefore, post-hoc b.s. Still, I thought of a few good answers, including:

--[whispering] "I'm Batman."
--[rapping] " AND I CANNOT LIE!"
--[glancing around and silently mouthing] "They're listening."

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