Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exam 1: Done.

Totally forgot to post this yesterday, but the tradition MUST continue.

Subject: Evidence

Length: 3 hours (90 min each essay and MC) + 10 minutes break (to shit one's pants between parts)

Last thought before beginning exam: "Our Father, who art in heave---oh, damn, I don't believe in God, do I? Guess I'm f$&ked."

First thought after finishing exam: "That was the gentlest and most relevant test I've taken so far in law school, and it still kicked my ass halfway to Las Vegas."

Next move: Spent today at a CrossFit regional competition in Aromas, CA, cheering on a very blond, very disciplined, very bright, and very fit friend. Enjoyed the company. Got to watch dozens of shirtless wonderfully-built men pull themselves up the rings in a way that is just undeniably hot. Got motivated to get myself back into the gym. But not til after Monday noon, 'cause Exam 2 is right around the corner.

'Til then, ciao bellas.

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