Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exam 2: Done.

Again, a day behind. I stared at a computer for 8 hours straight. So sue me.

Subject: Constitutional Litigation

Length: 8 freaking hours. And no talk of "oh, it's a 4-hour exam and you get 8 hours to do it!" No no no. No.

Last thought before beginning exam: "Hm, when can I take my first coffee break?"

First thought after finishing exam: "Wow, it would've been nice to have had time for a coffee break."

Comment of the day: "Constitutional litigation, huh? You wanna be a Supreme Court Justice or something?" Nooooo... but my professor does!

Next move: Got back in the gym, had a lovely dinner in San Francisco, and now on to this tax policy paper. By this time next week I should be an expert in all things congestion-pricing related. Yippee!

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