Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Law School-Inspired Business Idea #429

Law school has inspired me to come up with some wacky business ideas over the past six months. The first, I think, was the "law school sherpa," which students could employ to carry their books up and down the stairs and stake out seats on the first day of class. For obvious reasons, that one didn't take off.

But this time I think I've hit upon a winner. Imagine a teddy bear whose cute and cuddly face inspires thoughts of a cute and cuddly Constitutional Law professor, with jowls and big floppy ears and coke-bottle glasses sliding down his little nose, who comes alive when you press his hand with exclamations like "necessary and proper!" and "unconstitutional!" and "that's right!" He'd be wearing a teddy bear suit and everything. It's the Bearron! Wouldn't you pay $24.50 for that?

Hat tip to my partner in crime Little Benny for the totally awesome name.

[UPDATE (2/24): The Law Revue last night had a good joke about the ConLaw prof in question. Their name for him? JerrBear. Awesome!]

Teddy bear image from Wikimedia Commons.

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