Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quality >> Quantity

I just purchased my first new suit! Usually I would just get hand-me-downs from my fashionista momma, but she buys clothes for the more fashion-flexible Miami job market, and I keep hearing how conservative law firms, especially DC/NY ones, are. So, I splurged and got one all for myself. You can see it for yourself, here and here.

While it was kind of a big expense for me given my crushing mountains of debt, it fit neatly in my "buy this" fashion philosophy: if you have a hole in your wardrobe and find something to fill it, you should get it only if it fits you well and works with your body, not against it; you know you will use it; it's within your budget; and you LOVE it. As smarter people than I have said, "if you see something in a store and are still thinking about it two days later, you should own it." And, you can never, ever go wrong with buying a well-made classic piece in a high-quality material. A gray wool pants suit fits that category, for sure.

I love shopping, so if you ever need someone to go with you to find something fabulous, just holler!


Andrew said...

As someone who finds shopping for suits therapeutic, I completely understand the impulse to go for the gold and get something that you probably can't afford but you know you will look good in. I once spent my entire bonus check on new ties... that was probably not the best idea but you better believe they were awesome ties.

You mentioned conservative dress, which is something I disagree with. Sure, I'll don the navy suit with red power tie, but does that mean I can't wear an equally impressive yet off color suit, like olive or brown?

Ahh... I think the law should embrace its true sartorial self and allow for self expression.

Treyer said...

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Dawn Campbell: The sex?
Brad Stand: Come on, guys.
Brad Stand: Come on. That's private.
Dawn Campbell: That's gross.
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Dawn Campbell: Surveillance? You've watched us?
Vivian Jaffe: No, just listened.
Brad Stand: So your surveillance is wrong!
[laughs uncomfortably]
Dawn Campbell: Yeah. It's quantity not quality.
Brad Stand: She meant quality not quantity.
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