Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm back, I have a job, and I bet on basketball

Hello all. Sorry if I've been MIA of late. First there was spring break, which was restful and lovely and relaxing and warm. Then there was the mad rush to finish the appellate brief, which is now written, comb-bound, and turned in. But I'm back now, so you can go back to sleeping soundly at night.

I'm happy to announce that I am gainfully employed for the summer. I'll be based in DC, but between weddings and wanting (hoping, wishing) to take another trip out west, I hope I'll be doing a fair bit of traveling. To be honest, I'll just be glad to be done with this school year.

Finally, a couple of friends at school started a March Madness pool, and I picked up my bracket today. Knowing very little about basketball generally, and less than nothing about college basketball, I have developed the following method (the "sai index," as I like to call it) for formulating my bracket. The five tests below are applied to each pairing of teams in the bracket. A team receives +1 for winning a test. +3 wins and moves on to the next round. Nobody steal my idea, okay? This is intellectual property and it belongs to me.

Test #1: which team has a higher RPI?
Test #2: which team has the five starters with the greatest TOTAL height?
Test #3: which team's mascot would win in a tequila-fueled bar fight?
Test #4: which team's law school is ranked higher by the US News and World Report?
Test #5: which team's coach is cuter?

Good test, no?

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