Thursday, March 13, 2008

Putting the FHAA aside for some savage loving

Now that Savage Love is finally (can you tell I've been waiting?) up on the Village Voice, I got to take a break from writing my brief to read three letters that just tugged at my heartstrings. This week the advice guru printed two letters from teenagers, one who had come out to massive bigotry, and the other who had been forced back into the closet by his parents. They're so, so, so sad, and while Dan's advice is great, I imagine it's cold comfort to teenagers for whom every day feels like a year. (If they're anything like the rest of us, things that seem like a huge deal to them now will be viewed with complete scorn in 10 years.) But it's not all bad: the last letter was from two kids who had wonderful, supportive, loving coming-out experiences, and they wrote to thank everyone who came out before them for paving the way. Hopefully one day none of the letters will be miserable, or there won't be a need to write any letters at all.

The column is here, for whenever you're ready for a good cry.


Andrew said...

Usually I read Savage's column and I get a good laugh at some of the funny questions and even funnier advice.

But wow. This column was right on the money. A friend of mine had an experience similar to that of the second writer, and it left a harsh psychological scar on him for some time. Way to go Savage for keeping it real.

On the topic of homosexuality, Andrew Sullivan usually posts a good deal of stuff on gay rights around the world and reader stories, at least when he isn't expressing his love and affection for Obama :~) !

Anonymous said...

LOVE Dan Savage. Especially when he's on This American Life.

--Juliet @