Friday, October 31, 2008


I think I'm going to spend this Halloween as a grown up. I'm going to buy some candy, go home, and wait for children dressed as ghosts and Batmans to knock on my door. Meanwhile, I'll make some homemade caramel or dulce de leche for dipping apples. I'll put on a cheesy movie and be glad I'm not stuck out in the rain with costume make-up running down my face. And I'll probably curl up in bed around midnight with a book and catch up on some much needed sleep.

But, it is Halloween, and I'm not entirely stodgy yet. So for your entertainment, here's a reminder of last year's shitshow.

Happy Halloween!

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N said...

Just thought you should know that I was forced to miss the Halloween party this year because I had nothing to dress up as. I was supposed to be you, but you decided to up and leave our sorry east coast asses :( So I stayed home in protest.