Friday, October 10, 2008

New links

My eight regular readers doubtless will have noticed the changes in the links to your right. While before that list was populated by more intellectual pursuits, the past couple of months have seen a marked shift toward entertainment of the more common sort. Now, along with your democracy, law profs, humanities, and news, we've got a selection of sports, food, friends, and of course celebrity gossip. I figured, instead of pretending to be into all brains all the time, I'd let this blog reflect the things I actually read.

For better or worse, there they are, displayed for your perusal and judgment in a neat little list. If any of you have suggestions for other good things to read, just leave 'em in the comments. I reserve the right to ignore your suggestions completely, or to steal your ideas and pass them off as my own.


tao said...

Maybe your lolcat interest would also appreciate Simon's Cat?

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Lovin' the new links! By the way, is that kitten's head actually THAT big??

saisai said...

oh yeah. make no mistake: UNUZULY lrg brane. that kitteh's no joke!