Friday, December 5, 2008

Finals time

When it comes time to buckle down and study at the end of the semester, my reading habits change. I stop reading the news entirely and instead stick to web comics, celebrity blogs, and friends' websites. I stop watching TV--and if I do watch something, it's bad reality TV on Bravo or some such junk. Music is on at all times. I eat a lot. I have dreams and remember them (not typical!). Sometimes I feel an obsessive need to scrub the bathtub. Basically, things get weird.

I have six days til my first exam, one more the day after that, and two the next week. I may blog six times a day until then, or not at all. I may be up all night once or twice with my books. Last year this process was, at times, perversely fun. Now it just sucks. I can say one thing for sure: I'll never take a four-final semester again. Ever.

Hey believers out there: pray for me, will you?

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Kimberly said...

hahah. i miss my sai all the time... but especially during finals. already done with 2... 2 more to go! PLUS a paper. ughhh. i think i have learned my lesson this semester and will schedule next semester's classes accordingly. miss you my dear! and loveee you lots!