Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shopping revolution

I'm taking a break from this Day of Productivity (hello finals right around the corner!) to extol the virtues of online shopping for the holidays. Oh. My. God. My shopping this year was so easy! I did everything through Amazon.com: I opened up a new cart for the holidays, and every time I'd think of something I wanted to get someone, I could open up the cart from anywhere and add it in. Or, if I changed my mind, it was so easy to go in and just click "remove." (It helps that I give mostly books, which Amazon tends to sell cheaper than traditional bookstores.) A couple days ago I finally hit "submit" and now everything is expected in my box this week! Amazing! Now to get some wrapping paper: I think it'll be therapeutic after two days of back-to-back crappy finals to spend Friday night making my gifts pretty and shiny.


Andi said...

That is so funny because we did the exact same thing with Amazon. Because we're flying to Utah for Christmas and we don't want to pay the extra $50 each way to take an a second suitcase full of gifts, we just bought everything online and are shipping it all to Adam's family's house. Genuis!

Good luck with finals!

Andrew said...

I love Amazon. I think I order from Amazon at least once a week - just to see the box with the smiley on it when I get home from a long day of law-ing. I think it might be an obsession.

I too do all my Christmas shopping online, mostly through Amazon. I've taken some flack for it though - some people have called me out and said that I ruin the Christmas spirit by not going to actual stores to shop. I just laugh at them and keep clicking away!

Moomoo said...

I also went to Amazon and ordered 2dvd's, walle and polar express,on your behalf, for james. I hope they werent on your cart.
ps. I'll let you wrap them!