Friday, December 5, 2008

iTunes Genius

Apple is trying to woo me back, to win its way into my favor with its nifty new features. Hear me now, Steve Jobs: it won't work! Do all the shiny things you want--I can resist your charms. My iPod saga is still fresh in my memory. In fact, I'm wounded all over again just thinking about it. And for healing, I return to my playlist.

Well, I mean, if you really want to get serious, I might accept an iPhone with your long letter begging my forgiveness and asking for another chance. Just saying.


N said...

hmmm, i'm about to purchase an ipod, and i'd like some details on this little scuffle with apple. please share? (either here or if you're feeling shy, email me)

saisai said...

basically if you buy an ipod you have to be okay with the fact that it is a disposable product and apple will treat it as such. even one scratch, no matter how small, will void their service obligation if it breaks. don't buy the extended warranty, it only made me cry.

saisai said...

hey apple devotees who might get offended at my poor characterization of the company just there: bite me, or give me a new ipod as compensation for my pain and suffering in 2006. or both, if you prefer.

tori said...

i totally agree, sai. apple treats all of its products like they're disposable. but they do that intentionally so that the products are, in fact, disposed of. that way, you have to buy a new apple product! they make more money; you have the new updated version of your old model (that was a whole 8 minutes old). everyone wins! (except the planet of course. but ehh! who cares?!)

N said...

hmmm, do you have any other recommendations for a 6-15 gig MP3 player? I'm not sold on an iPod, I just want anything that is compatible with iTunes.

I'm personally not a fan of that business model generally, but it seems to be taking over the world. Cellphone? made to last two years. Computers? 3 at most. Televisions? a few years and then your screen will get burned in. Meanwhile, I have a TV from sometime in the late 90s that is still going strong. Anyway, I don't remember which industry was first with this game plan, but its bad for customer relations and is wasteful/bad for the environment/world. Every time a new cellphone or computer is made, more raw materials need to be taken out of unstable African countries and sent to us.

Sorry for the rant, but this got me started a little. I think I have some pent up blogging energy in me.