Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back, for now

Hi again!

New developments in my life since we spoke last:
  1. Spring break ended
  2. Moot court ended (at least, my participation in it)
  3. I wrote & argued a Fed Lit brief (neither particularly well, in case you're curious)
  4. My computer got a new hard drive
  5. I picked up said computer (just yesterday!)
  6. I walked the Dish for the first time (pictures forthcoming)
  7. I made frosting for a cake for the first time (not as good as I expected)
  8. I bought a flat of strawberries & am trying to figure out what to do with them (suggestions in comments pls?)
  9. My new shoes officially mess with my foot and must be returned
  10. I cleaned my desk and filed 6 months' worth of papers (!!)
There's more than that, but 10 is enough for a catch-up post, I think. Less than a month of school remaining. Taxes to file, resumes to update, clinics to apply for, trails to hike. Lots and lots going on! Hopefully I'll be blogging enough for the next few weeks to capture some of it.

Missed you guys!


Anonymous said...

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.

Best. Snack. Ever.


(In)Sanity Gal said...

Wow - the dish looks gorgeous.

As for strawberries, I'm putting in a vote for Adam's idea. There's also this great pie that southerners make with strawberries and cool whip and maybe something else? it's like something where you mix a couple things together, plop it in a pie shell, and put it in a freezer.

Ooh, does anyone you know have an ice cream maker? Strawberry ice cream! Yum!

I'll keep thinking on this one. Great diversionary tactic away from writing my paper. :)

navah said...

welcome back :)

A couple of ideas.

strawberry sauce. i'm pretty sure you just slice em up into quarters or so and add some water. that can be frozen and its great on ice cream or pancakes.

eat them in cereal, preferably with flakes. or oatmeal. yum.

if you run out of time or ideas, freeze em. but be careful. the best way to do that is to put them all on a cookie sheet separately so they don't freeze to each other. then after 6 hours or so like that put them in a bag or tupperware and freeze them until you want them in cereal or oatmeal or pie later.