Saturday, April 25, 2009

The fate of Project Runway, or one more reason to despise lawyers

The mention a few posts back reminded me that I'm missing my yearly dose of Project Runway! Bravo re-aired season 5 a few weeks ago but wasn't doing anything to promote season 6, which was odd: usually Top Chef and Project Runway alternate, and Top Chef has been over for a while now.

So what gives? Well, there were rumors last year of the show's producers moving it to Lifetime, and they turn out to be true. But apparently Bravo's parent, NBC, isn't happy about that and is suing the producers for breach of contract. The Lifetime got involved, trying to remove the case to federal court (though that didn't work, apparently). And now everything's in limbo, who knows when there'll be a trial, and until the dispute is resolved, the show is on hold. No matter: the top three designers have gone ahead and shown at NY Fashion Week! The whole season has been shot! And it's just sitting there, waiting! Because of lawyers!

I say boo.

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