Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rules of Bar-ville

1. At least one bout of exercise/physical activity every week.
2. No TV unless (a) it's Wimbledon or other sporting events, (b) on a meal break, or (c) after work is done for the day.
3. Cook meals. Eating out is for fun only, not for convenience.
4. If sweets are desired, they must be made at home and cannot be purchased.
5. No pajamas are to be worn outside the house.
6. Hourly lecture breaks must be taken away from the computer screen.
7. Must step outside--even if just on the balcony--every day.
8. Baking is encouraged.
9. Prizes may be awarded for good performance.
10. Limited to one episode of The Wire each day.
11. Read fiction before sleep each night.

[Added 6/30] 12. Do push-ups to guard against wrist pain. (I swear, it works.)

Do any of you have self-imposed rules you want to share? Things that make your life better? I'm firmly convinced the misery of bar studying can be mitigated with good life practices. Do you disagree?


selfish crab said...

No alcohol.
No outings after 10pm unless someone was visiting from out of town, it was someone's birthday, or someone needed to get laid, stat.

It was Arrested Development, not the Wire, for me.

And definitely did not have any of that holistic, mother earth's hearth rules that you have.

Reconstructing said...

Good luck! You're so close!