Sunday, September 7, 2008

San Francisco!

I live about 30 miles from San Francisco (map, in case you're curious, or a stalker). But, since I'm living without a car, getting up there is an adventure. First, I ride my bike to the Caltrain station. I take the train for 40 minutes, then transfer to BART. (NB: No article is used when referring to BART. For example: "I took BART from Millbrae to Civic Center." Not: "Let's ride the BART to San Bruno.") Then, depending on where I'm going, I will have to transfer to the Muni or walk to get from place to place. I've been twice so far, and it's taken me 2 or 3 hours to make the one-way trip. I suppose all the transfering from one mode of transportation to another adds up.

Last weekend I made my first trip up to SF to hang out with my college buddy and lifesaver Abhay. We wandered around Chinatown, walked up to Nob Hill, walked down to Van Ness, and wandered over to Hayes Valley where we had Belgian fries.


My first view of SF: Montgomery Street.

Grace Cathedral.

SF has some nasty hills. My calves were sore for two days.

Then, this weekend, my DC friends Navah and Katie were in town for a conference. I met them in Golden Gate Park, wandered around the Japanese Tea Garden for a while, and then made our way to the neighborhood ("the Sunset") and ate at Cafe Gratitude, a vegan raw food restaurant. The food was actually pretty good. I think the key is to not expect the food you get to be like the food you're used to--a raw vegan enchilada is not going to look or taste anything like the enchiladas you'll get at the local taqueria. Once you get over that hump, it can be kinda tasty.

Inside the very crowded Muni.

The N-Judah Muni, toward Ocean Beach.

Outside the Japanese Tea Garden, where I sat in the sun and ate an ice cream sandwich.

Navah & Katie in the Tea Garden, in slo-mo.

My raw meal, called "I Am Accepting."

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Kimberly said...

aww my sai- it looks like you are having fun. so i'm pretty sure you are gonna make that 2/3 hr commute every day after class to just chill in sanfran?! haha. missing you!