Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Early morning

Good morning. It's 6:40am and I'm up to finish some reading before class at 9. It's dark outside, and cold; I turned the heater on for a little while to warm the place up. The fridge is mostly empty, so no milk for coffee, but I'll head to Peet's in a few and enjoy a latte with my Sec. 1983 litigation.

Not having my computer on hand all the time means I read much less than I used to. Lots of stuff has completely fallen off my radar. I know Obama's getting inaugurated next week and that's about it. My focus has shifted to the internal: the footnoting left to do, the 2,000 page record to unpack, the article on corporate taxation to read. The key is the weekends. Working Friday and Sunday can't help but make the week more pleasant. This is how new years resolutions get made.

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