Thursday, May 13, 2010

Help: cellphone service providers in DC

Hi all you DC kids,

So my phone, while hanging on to life by a thread, is now about 90% unusable. I'm a Verizon customer and I remember it worked fine in DC. But I've also been coveting the iPhone and am thinking of switching to AT&T to get it. How's AT&T service in DC? All you iPhone users out there in the District, is your service alright? Is your 3G usable? Do your calls drop all the time?

I've got to get a new phone early next week. Drop your thoughts in the comments and if they're super helpful you might even win a prize.

Thank you millions!



just jenn said...

i'm in the md 'burbs, but commute in to dc every day. i've had t-mobile, cingular, maybe even sprint and now at&t w/ iphone, but never verizon. at&t's been the best coverage i've had - it even works in some of the metros now, but, hey, a girl needs her down time, so i'm ok with just some stations and not all, like verizon.

selfish crab said...

Hold off until June 7'ish. There's a new iPhone coming out in a matter of weeks. Can't you just borrow someone else's old phone?