Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Best Medicine

So I'm home this evening, feeling a little sick and a little gross, and playing around on the internet looking for other blogs by law students. A chain of clicks led me to In It But Not Of It, where I laughed so hard I almost cried. One more thing to read during class...

The Love of Chocolate Milk

It's 6:26 on Sunday evening. My wife and I sit on the couch, watching the Cowboys/Giants game. A large glass of chocolate milk sits in front of her. My wife loves chocolate milk. Normally, she is a 28 year old woman. When it comes to chocolate milk, she acts like a child. Nothing in the world gets her quite as giddy as the potential of drinking Hershey's syrup mixed with milk. If she ran a marathon, she would have people strategically placed at various points around the course to hand her chocolate milk, instead of water. If she had cancer, her dying wish would be to swim in an Olympic-sized pool filled with chocolate milk. If chocolate milk flowed through people's veins instead of blood, she'd be a vampire....

Click here for the whole post, and for your own safety, don't drink water while reading.

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