Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Day!

Today is the day of the second big primary of the season: New Hampshire! Obama eked out a victory in the first round of the Democratic primary in Dixville Notch (pop. 75), winning seven whole votes, and John McCain was the big winner in the Republican primary with four. Good job, dudes!

For lots more news on the NH primary (even China is reporting!), I've already done the hard work for you here.

All this shaking-hands-kissing-babies is fun! Who doesn't love to see grown men and women jostling for position in every possible medium? See e.g. the photo below of a streetcorner in New Hampshire, taken by my Hillary-supporting, half Persian, half Cajun, totally effervescent cousin Leila.

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Treyer said...

I wonder if there's a rule on how large your campaign sign can be, cause if not one of those candidates needs to make a gigantic one for that corner that, when placed in front, obstructs all the others. I'm talking 20 feet by 20 feet. Do that enough times around America and people might think you're the only candidate running.