Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Popular... for the Wrong Reasons

Sai Sai is a Burmese hip-hop star, model, and actor. He was born in April 1979. He was "into the game in 1997." Before that, he wasn't a "player" but a "normal skool guy." His newest album, Happy Sai Sai Birthday, was released in 2007. Visit his website here.

I am not Sai Sai. But my email address,, is apparently enough for Sai Sai's legions of fans to write to me to say how much they, like, totally LOVE my music. A couple recent examples:

Hello, First i would like to introduce myself. I am one of ur
audience. I want to friendly with u. Can u accept that? I have invited u on
gtalk. Plz answer it. I was so glad to know u and to get ur mail. I will be
always ur audience. I hope ur reply mail or something if u have free, try to
give me ur time of busy. I really request u. Always be successful more than now.
Have a lovely day. One of ur audience Girl.

Dear sai sai, i'm a one of your fans.i can bask and feel all of your songs. may i tall you that your are a geneous in music-specially hip-hop. i can think that 2009 is your year. may be happy and got much of vistory. your fan, phyo lwin oo

Sometimes I just hit the "spam" button and go on with my day. Other times, when I'm feeling particularly patient, I'll write back and correct these devoted fans on their mistake. Invariably, when I do this, the folks write back and ask me to be their pen friend or help them with their English. I don't want a pen friend. I don't want to teach anyone English. Am I obligated? Why is this Sai Sai character giving out my email address anyway? Are people assuming that I am a Burmese pop star because of my email address? Assuming is bad. Didn't need to go to law school to learn that one.

I'd write to Sai Sai to get his help, but he has neglected to post an email address on his site. Wise man.

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Gabi said...

hahahahahahaha. thank you, Saisai. That was one of the funnier things I've read in a while =P