Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Know You're Sick When You Can Read All of TMQ in One Sitting

Isn't Gregg Easterbrook just dreamy?

In today's Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Easterbrook gives significant space to the New England Patriots cheating scandal and the NFL's clumsy cover-up-like handling of it:

The NFL promised to get to the bottom of the Patriots' cheating and reveal the truth to the public; instead, the NFL destroyed the New England documents and refuses to say what they contained. If the documents vindicated New England or the NFL, it would have been strongly in the league's interest to say so. Instead, the NFL has stonewalled us, so what does that make you think? Until we know what was on the videotapes and in the documents the NFL destroyed, there will always be a cloud of suspicion over the Patriots. How much of an advantage did they gain by cheating? Did they really hand over everything to the league? Are they still cheating now? Most important by far, have they cheated in the Super Bowl? No matter how well New England plays Sunday, every victory the team earned this season -- and perhaps victories in previous seasons, too -- is tainted until such time when we learn what was in the material the league destroyed.

In case you have an hour or so to spare, check out TMQ for enlightened discussion of cheerleaders, Congress's economic policy, important football players besides quarterbacks and running backs, global warming, and the Boeng 787, among others.

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Treyer said...

I love reading TMQ...and I'm sure the person sitting behind me in Property knows this (just kidding law employers doing research on me!). Especially his theory behind the correlation between the team who's cheerleaders stay professional (read: don't put on skin-covering warm ups in cold weather) and the fact that the same team won the game.